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052315 + 052415: Lucy’s Wedding Day

Happy Memorial Day, for starters. As I’ve said many times before, there is a lot wrong with our country, but our freedom is still here and we should still be so grateful to those who did pay the ultimate cost for that. We salute the familys of those fallen men and women and we thank you for their sacrifice.


Next, my darling Lucy is growing up. I’ve given you all a tease on Facebook of her pictures in my old wedding dress. I did these so I’d have them for her wedding day one day in the distant future, which, I feel like I’m going to blink and it’s going to be here. She’s starting legit school this year (homeschooling though) and I’m excited and she’s excited and Judah’s going to be doing PreK3 and I’m excited and he’s drawing on the walls with my eye liner somewhere. He will be very different to teach, and I’m going to win. He will learn. He will learn stuff this year. Anyway… here’s to the child who is growing up way too fast… Lucy Bea.

 The one you’ve all seen. One of my favorites.
Lucy's Wedding

This one you’ve most seen as well (on Instagram anyway).
Lucy's Wedding

And now to the others…
Lucy's Wedding

And her walking around in it was just such cuteness.
Lucy's Wedding

Lucy's Wedding

By the time we had sat down, I tried to get her to lay in the grass… which she didn’t want to do, so she teared up. I had to crop her face out and I actually LOVE this picuture. Notice the dirty toes. Makes me feel like she’s still a kid.
Lucy's Wedding

Then, a chicken walked by which made her dry her tears and laugh. I snapped this to prove.
Lucy's Wedding

After that she was all smiles.
Lucy's Wedding

And finally, my absolute favorite of them all. Gracious what a beauty.
Lucy's Wedding

Sunday was busy and quick as always, and my awesome mother-in-law got my babies both after church and kept them that night too since she didn’t have to work and it’d been a while since she saw them. So I did my nails and read a book and didn’t clean my house! I’m going to have to clean before they come home so I’ll have a head start on the week, but yesterday I enjoyed lazing around. Thanks Ms.Steph, you’re a great Mawmaw.

Camp is over for us… Home sweet home.

Camp is winding down. Last night was split night. Boy…

Where, oh where do I even begin.

Good times, sunburn, screaming, laughter, tears. More tears. EVEN more tears.

The plethora of issues just from the girls cabin could fill 200 therapists’ journals. I’ve attempted to deal with 2 girls. There are so many issues, and such little time. These girls need this camp more than they will ever know.

Wes and I left today, after lunch and watching the campers swim a little.

Yesterday was fun. LONG, but fun. We went to the ropes course. I did it! Aren’t you all proud of me?

Hardest part was going up...
Yes sir.
I did the rope course!
We swam again. I wore a shirt. No more burning for me. I’m burned enough as it is!
I'm dumb

Lucy got to try some watermelon. She liked it!

Then she got to do girls night, and she was loud. Then she fell asleep while I counseled a girl and then I brought her back to our room and she believe it or not, stayed asleep. She woke up briefly when I changed her clothes. But once she was fed, she was OUT.
Extremely sleepy baby. She was kept up too late tonight. Poor thing!

Today, I got up early and went out to the lake to read my bible and study some. God sent me company.

Lucy didn’t get to swim today, but she got to pretend to be lifeguard!
Lake side

Also today was a sad day for me. Today Lucy grew up… a lot. She had several firsts today. More firsts today than she’s had ever in a day. What were they?

She went up stairs. An actual FLIGHT of stairs. Twice.

She blew kisses today.

She pulled up on several things by herself today.

And, she walked like 3 steps only holding on with one hand.

She is growing up WAY too fast.

Someone stop her. Please.

I am glad she is doing things and progressing, but I really want her to be little for as long as she can. You know?

Well, I’m beyond tired, so I’m off to bed.

I hope your week has been great.

Night 14: This isn’t working (7 Month Portraits)

Last night was much like the others. A little sleep here, a little wake there. I’ve also figured out that if Lucy goes to bed before 8, she can’t make it through the night without eating. She’s woken up the past 2 nights at like 3:30 or 4 and will not go back to sleep until I feed her. Technically she’s waking at 2:30 or 3 and I am trying my hardest not to feed her – but after an hour of fussing and waking up every 10 minutes.. you gotta do what you gotta do.

Yesterday was beautiful, so she and daddy spent some time outside. Then when I got home we did SEVEN MONTH PORTRAITS! Yay!

Some came out alright and some came out better than alright. But I’ll let you be the judge.

Also – as you will tell by some of the pictures.. she’s growing up. Big time. She’s sitting up on her own now. She’s such a big girl. And again.. I haven’t started a new project yet with crocheting. I gotta get motivated!

Ok – here is her swing picture:
Swing Picture! 7 Months


Cutie PIE

Sitting up like a champ!

Seven Months

We always have Ed to help us take pictures. Seriously. Every time I go to take her picture Ed shows up. And rubs on her. And then she grabs him and gets a handful of hair. It’s a process….
Hello Kitty!


Hope you enjoy what should be a BEAUTIFUL weekend! I know I will. Its Friday.. what’s not to love!