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32nd Birthday 1.2.17

I awoke on my 32nd birthday to lots of little surprises. The first, from my husband. 

Still curious as to who is #1 in humor at or house…

And Lucy… my dear sweet child. She carried around a clipboard all day and would randomly ask me how to spell things, (like decorations) but wouldn’t let me see what was on her list. 

Then the kids and Wes went to Walmart for a super secret reason…

He called me and told me that she showed him her list, and on it at the bottom was customers. When he asked her what she meant- she said, “people to come to the party, Daddy!”

Once they got home I hopped in the shower to give them some time- and I came out to a big surprise party- put together almost entirely by my 6 year old. 

She’s so excited she’s blurry. 

And instead of bringing more sweets in my house- we used a gift from my sweet friend Ms.Sam- the best brownies ever made. 

The kids picked out gifts for me at Walmart. Judah got me a box of whoppers – then proceeded to ask if I’d share them. 

Lucy got me stickers for my guitar or “whatever” and I had to get a picture of her list. 

Her list reads:

  • 🎸 (guitar stickers)
  • Decorations
  • Party hats
  • Brownes (brownies)
  • Wallmart (she wrote it bc they were there)
  • Costoners (customers)
  • Boloons (balloons)
  • Candy
  • Card

It was the sweetest thing. And I make a lot of lists and notes and she did just like me. ☺️

And then, after a super yucky dreary day- the sun showed up long enough for a beautiful sunset. I used an old favorite app- which allows you to adjust everything in the camera (shutter speed, iso, etc)- and got this picture. 

Thank you Jesus for the gift 😊

And finally- my bullet journal spread for January 1st and 2nd. My sermon notes and my birthday recap. 

Loving my Polaroid camera, too!

Here’s to 2017 and 32!

090916 – 091016: Kaileys Surprise Party

I’m going to try and post a couple of blogs over the next couple of days to get me caught up. 

We pulled it off! She was surprised! 

We did a luau themed sweet 16, and she loved it. Emily and I had a blast putting it all together and it couldn’t have been more fun!

And we made a little photo booth to play in. And it was fun. 

This is the first picture the 5 of us have been in, probably since one of our weddings. And maybe not even then. These are my 1st cousins. We all grew up together, given that our moms were sisters, and wanted to see each other often. 

I am quite thankful that they raised us together. 
And Bruce. My dad. Ever delightful. 
And my grumpy kids. Yes, I’m including you Kailey. 

Kailey got an Instax, instant camera. Basically a new Polaroid and it is the coolest ever. 

Overall, the party was a major hit. I’m so glad everyone that was able to come attended and it made it awesome. 
Love you guys!

082116: DPC Love

So, yesterday on our way home from grabbing lunch, we see Wes’ mom pulling out of the church parking lot. We thought that was strange so we pulled in to talk. She rolled her window down and we said, “Hey. What are you doin?” And she, smiling, replies, “Nothing… Bringing Ice… Nothing.”

We looked at each other… “You’re being sneaky…”

“No, I’m not! See y’all in a little while!” And she drove off.

Huh? What just happened?

Then Wes reminds me that Joel and Tyler had planned an impromptu youth event, and all the kids were just dying for their pastor to be there.


And Nicole had asked me earlier in the week if I had anything going on Sunday afternoon, she wanted to come and let me do her nails. But she never mentioned it again, getting closer to her appointment time…

So then I’m sitting outside chatting with my Aunt Mary and  I see Brandi and Jason pull by our house. I thought… That’s weird. They don’t have youth aged kids. Maybe they’re just coming for….


So,  I went inside and I told Wes, “I think the church is planning something. I think they are planning something over there and it’s a surprise but I don’t know what on earth it could be. Brandi and Jason just came by.”

He looked at me like I was bonkers and said, “Maybe they’re just supporting Joel. You know he’s Jason’s brother…”

I rolled my eyes. “Yes. I do know that. It’s just weird. All the stuff that’s been going on…”

So, I dropped it. Mostly because it was 4:15 and Wes had just said, “You ready to walk over?”

So I grabbed my purse and we headed over.

About halfway there I hear Tyler or Joel one, shout, “They’re coming!” Yup, I heard you say that. I knew then my suspicions were correct.

Our church surprised us with a Pastor Appreciation dinner, with both of our campuses combined. They decorated, had SO much food, including all of our favorites (How? Because they sneakily asked me over a month ago what our favorite foods were!)

They even had us our own place settings, which were very much tailored to our interests and likes. Side note here: Brandi Wambolt is one of the most thoughtful and sweetest people on planet earth and if you are not her friend, you are truly missing out. I know you had quite the hand in our gifts and they were 100% on point. Wes got White T’s, shop towels, bottled Pepsi’s and Almond Joys. All of my stuff was OWL and adorable and I got Dr. Pepper’s and DARK CHOCOLATE. And Pens. So many pens. She knows us too well.


And I mentioned the food right? SO MUCH FOOD! I haven’t seen so much food I think since we did a Thanksgiving meal last year! And it was all so good. So so good. And the desserts? *SWOON*

And then they took turns on stage telling us what an influence we had been in their lives, and then they gave us the mic.

And I shared a little bit of what I loved about our Pastor, and then I shared a little bit about what I loved about our church.

You guys are so amazing. You help, when you see someone needs it. You clean even when you’ve got a title. You reach out when someone is in need. You all love Jesus and you all love us so much and it blesses my heart to be a part of this group of folks, and it blesses me so much more to be able to say that I help lead you closer to God in any way possible.

Afterwards we ate and talked and laughed with our big ole family.

Then they gave us a little envelope of cash that they had been collecting for a couple of months, they said? MONTHS you guys and no one let this party slip. And y’all have no idea how much this little envelope blessed us. And I was told by a FEW folks there were stipulations on the money – We had to at least use some of it on a family vacation.

We will. I promise you!

Then we came home and Wes dove into his presents.

The kids “helped” by losing screws and toting stuff off, so we put them on some TV so Dad could work in peace.

And we sat and talked about what a blessed pair we are, with our family that did so much for us, that HID so much from us, that has blessed us so much by allowing us to be a part of their lives.

Even when you call us when you are struggling, when you call us and just need us to sit and cry with you, when you call us because you are confused and need to ask some of the same questions again… We love it. We love helping you all with whatever it is you are dealing with. We love you guys so much and I am eternally grateful God called us to be leaders at DPC and I’m grateful that you all chose us to grow closer to God with.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it til the day I die, DPC’s got some of the best folks around. I love y’all!

030516: Big Holes in our House

We took a jump on our new room. No going back now.  We took out our current door and moved it to the new room. 
I’m really glad Wes’ dad was up, because moving the door turned out to be sorta tricky. There were lots of little things that had to be done, and then lots of little tweaks that was helpful to have a person whose done it a few times before. 

After that, the next (and scariest) step was make our new opening.  

So out goes the window! Now we have 2 holes in our house. 

We sealed off the door, it’s ready for Sheetrock. And we got the new door in, so our new room is just about fully sealed off. 

We had to pause on the job because we had a surprise party to go to for Uncle Paul!

Christy (his wife, my BFF sister in law) has been planning this thing since forever- and she pulled it off. 

And Mr. Judah snuck a happy 30th balloon…. And also he stands real funny for pictures..

Overall we had a super success Saturday! 

010215: Birthday Girl is 30

30 things I’m thankful for at 30
Best thing today: **

I wrote this list today in my new journal- which is number 23 on my list.

Such a great day- even with the rain and dreariness. Then Wes planned to take me out to eat for my birthday- like we always do. We got to his moms house to drop off the kids and I walked in… To my surprise party!!

I was SO surprised!!
Best thing today: **

It was so perfect too. I would never have asked for a party- but being the extrovert that I am- I loved it. Being around friends and family (mostly family) was just perfect. Truly blessed my heart.

To those of you who came out to celebrate my 30th- thank you from the bottom of my heart!!