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090916 – 091016: Kaileys Surprise Party

I’m going to try and post a couple of blogs over the next couple of days to get me caught up. 

We pulled it off! She was surprised! 

We did a luau themed sweet 16, and she loved it. Emily and I had a blast putting it all together and it couldn’t have been more fun!

And we made a little photo booth to play in. And it was fun. 

This is the first picture the 5 of us have been in, probably since one of our weddings. And maybe not even then. These are my 1st cousins. We all grew up together, given that our moms were sisters, and wanted to see each other often. 

I am quite thankful that they raised us together. 
And Bruce. My dad. Ever delightful. 
And my grumpy kids. Yes, I’m including you Kailey. 

Kailey got an Instax, instant camera. Basically a new Polaroid and it is the coolest ever. 

Overall, the party was a major hit. I’m so glad everyone that was able to come attended and it made it awesome. 
Love you guys!