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August- 8.15.17 – 9.11.17

The summer has come and gone. It’s September and school is in full swing (most days). We started early and so we have had a few days off here and there. When it’s 77* and breezy- we take a ride. School will be there tomorrow. 

Speaking of riding: Lucy is officially a no-training-wheels bike rider! We’ve been trying to take her to the trace as often as we can because there she can just go, and go and go like she wants too. Our road isn’t set up for humans to be on really. 

People think my posts about “What I See When I’m Running” are just for giggles- but truly they are for awareness that at any moment a person on a phone could end my life. So, we don’t really allow Lucy to ride on the road at our house unless one of us is out there to yell at the folks who pass by going 40mph on a basically one lane curvy little backroad. 

So the trace is much safer, and no one loses their voice. 

I also have 2 fish! Judah’s fully gotten the hang of swimming and they both love it so much. So long as they have on their masks, they swim swim swim. 

And school this year has been fun. It’s a new challenge, because Lucy’s subjects are a little more lengthy. Slightly more in depth. Her reading is still her strongest subject and man does she love to read. 

She also loves doing her science stuff. She’s got a few projects and reports to do this year with our homeschool group and she’s already gearing up. She’s so creative I feel like I need to document that I’m not the one doing the projects for her. She really is doing all of it. (Ok, minus anything with exact-o blades or hot glue). 

And my little man. Wow. He surprises me each day in his school. Reading definitely doesn’t come as easy for him. But he’s a trooper and he tries. He tries hard and he almost always gets it. We’ve had a couple of days where it just wasn’t happening. And on those days we pause, go outside or upstairs and we sit together and we just talk. 

He is only 5. He’s reading some, knows all his letter sounds and is counting really well, so I’m super happy with where he is. He’s also taking Vocational courses with the headmaster of the school. 😏 

He loves helping his daddy so very much. And I don’t mind at all him helping in the shop. Have you ever taken your car to get it fixed? $75 an hour labor isn’t bad money. You can make a living without a college degree. 

That may be where Judah’s headed. And maybe where Lucy is. I don’t know. And I don’t care. They will graduate ready for college- whether or not they go. 

But now… I’m not worried about that. I’m still taking walks with my 5 year old who wants to point out every spider and hold my hand. 

And I love it. 

Wes has officially hired me as his crew member for graffiti work. I feel like I’m helpful to the team. My very first piece:

The lights were out because of electricians so the first part that says “you jelly?” Isn’t really readable. 

And then my hands. They are easier to see in real life. The contrast in the picture isn’t great. They are sign language hands that say T M F D. For TeaM Fitness Depot. It’s Paul’s hashtag he uses for gym posts. 

That was a fun job. My hand still sorta aches. 

And these two cookie-eating cuties. Insomnia Cookies in Hattiesburg ain’t no joke. Delicious!

And just in case you were wondering: Lucy Bea is still her crazy eclectic self. I caught her “shopping” at the house Mawmaw’s stuff is stored in. She gets her digging/shopping honest- from both sides- Ms. Steph and me!

My cute little bag lady… 😂

Ok. That’s a pretty major update. I’m back to life- school doesn’t happen if I’m not there!

Devotional: Proverbs 18 // Our sweet toddler

Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose. Proverbs 18:21

I know I’ve used this verse before- but I think we forget it all too often. We have to remember that there is more power in the things that we say than we are aware of. Good and bad.

If your life is filled with negativity- it might be because you always speak negative things.

I ran into a guy I went to high school with a few days back. I haven’t seen this guy in over 3 years easy, and it was the second time I’ve seen him since graduation.

He came up to me and called me by my maiden name, which I haven’t heard in 8 years. I asked him how he was, and his response? “You know, eat, ****, work.”

I haven’t seen this guy but twice in a decade and that’s what he leads with. He continued with his uber negativity, while I (sadly) admit I tried to get away. Finally I managed to squeeze in, “well, I gotta get back home to my kids..” and even that got a “You’ve got a kid?” instead of “Congrats”.

This guy has a miserable life, and I can’t help but think it may have something to do with his attitude.

I thought once I left, how blessed this guy was- he has a job during (practically) a depression. He is able to work. He can walk and see. Even that is a blessing! But he had rather focus on the few things in his life that aren’t 100% how he’d want them.

Don’t be like this. Focus on the good. Then speak about it, thank God for it. Realize that your life is not terrible even if it’s not exactly what you thought you’d have.

God is good, an he’s good enough to help you be a happier person just by saying it (even before you feel it)!

Life Blog

Going to the dr this am. Hopefully we can find out the problem Mr. Judah has been having. You know, the late night shrieks. Monday and tuesday nights he vomited, then ate again, then slept good. He’s been sleeping relatively good- considering he sounds like he’s in pain before he falls asleep.

Literally he’ll be just as happy a can be, then he’ll cry a loud burst, and writhe around, and then he’ll calm down. He’s done it more frequently during the day, but it’s still the worst at night.

He’s a cute lil guy though, I don’t want him to hurt!


Oh yeah! This cute lil guy smiled at me today- TWICE! Oh, my. Melted my heart!


Lucy has been warming up to him. She asks to hold him from time to time. She’s such a sweet girl. Goodness I love her.

Today I rocked her before her nap for a few. She always wants me to rub her nose, just up and down her nose. So I rubbed it for a few. Then she, because she’s so sweet, rubbed mine. She liked it so assumed I would too.

And then I cried a little.

Later today Daddy was painting the hallway, and he dropped some paint on his toe. She was standing under him, walked off to the kitchen, mumbled some stuff, came back to him with a napkin and wiped his toe off. How cute is that?

She’s quite particular about stuff. It’s very cute.

We went outside and played today too.





Brother was much less impressed.


And in case you were wondering- here’s out freshly painted bathroom! With trim and all!



I love it! It looks so good being finished.

Okay- I’m off! Hope the rest of your week is great!

What is the DEAL?

Well… Lucy had another meltdown last night.

I think its me.

I went home for lunch today, and she was fine, but when I came in, she started screaming. Wesley said she hadn’t acted like that all day. I sure hope it’s not me.
This is frustrating.
Tonight may be another LONG night.
Last night was one of the worst we’ve had. Monday night, after all the screaming she slept from like 10 until 4:30.
Last night she acted sleepy at like 6. So I thought, “All the books say to put them down earlier… so ok, I’ll put her to sleep now.” Except “putting her to sleep” meant me rocking an uncontrollable baby. So she slept from like 6-7, then woke up a little, then 7-8, then I fed her again, then she slept from like 8-9, and woke up a little, then from 9 until 10 when I laid her down in her bed.
Side note here: If I had put her down in her bed, she would have woken up almost immediately. She wasn’t sleeping good. She was like, half sleeping. The rocking kept her asleep.
Anyway, at 10:30 I finally got in bed and was awoken at 11. So I fed her. Then she woke up at 12:30. And she woke up again at like 1:20. And then again at 2, so I fed her. And then she was up again at like 3:30. And then finally she slept pretty good from 3:30 until 5:45. At 5:45 she was WIDE EYED and bushy tailed. She was WIDE awake.
So the whole, putting her to bed earlier… didn’t work.
I’ve tried it before and it didn’t work then.
The ONLY times I’ve ever gotten her to sleep 6+ hours was putting her in bed at or after 9pm. Every baby is different.
I’m really hoping tonight isn’t like last night. I’m tired of nights like last night.
And I’ve been reading all the different ways to make a baby sleep through the night and they all make it sound so easy.
She’s not bad about staying awake after eating. She eats and is right back asleep. I mean, I’m up like 10 minutes tops. But still… I’d like to have some un-interrupted sleep now. It’s been 5 months. I’ve had one or two nights in the past…well… year now, that I have slept 8 hours. (I got up at LEAST once a night to pee when I was pregnant.. at LEAST.. Toward the end there it was more like 3 times.)
So here we go.
Dear Lucy,
Please, my sweet baby girl, try and sleep. Please don’t freak out when I see you each day after work. I don’t like hearing you cry. It breaks my heart.
I love you forever,

Dear Jesus.
Please help my baby to sleep better. Help her not to hurt so much with teething. Help her become a well adjusted, getting enough naps during the day, sleeping 10+ hours at night kind of baby. You are in control. Maybe you are just giving me more time to hold her close and rock her, and if so, thank you. I do love rocking and feeding her. Thank you for blessing me so abundantly.

Now for the cuteness… This is her and Daddy playing peekaboo. It’s a terrible video because I’m all over the place, but the first few seconds are pretty cute.