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Church Camp

So far, camp has been fun.

Swimming in the lake, worship services, snack time, food… you name it – Lucy has enjoyed it.
Lake swimming!
Our room, peekaboo
Playing during church... Bad youngins
Packed house!

We just got out of the shower. We spent about 2 hours in the lake. I made sure that Lucy had her SPF 50 on really well, and forgot about mine. So now my right arm is nice and red. Thank goodness I brought my swirl fan… I feel nothing but a strong breeze.

I can see the camp kids having a cannon ball contest on the peir. Looks like fun. I am glad that I’m in my room… clean. And DRY.

So far no catastrophes at camp. That’s always a plus.

Lucy has been sleeping good too. She took an hour and a half nap this morning – as did I – and after swimming for 2 hours – I’m thinking she’ll be having an afternoon nap as well. She does surprise me from time to time on how many naps she needs/doesn’t take.

I will be washing clothes here at some point this week. I could probably wash some today. I only brought 5 shirts. I always over pack and end up not wearing but about 1/3 of what I bring, and now I under packed and am out of clothes.

Did I mention that I found out that our dryer went out the day before we leave home for 2 weeks? Yep. It did. It runs, it just doesn’t heat up. Nice right? At least it wasn’t the washer. I can hang dry my clothes.

We’ll get it fixed.. probably… Who knows when.

This week has been nice so far. It’s been nice to not worry about what room I’m gonna clean out today, and nice not having to worry about what I’m gonna cook for dinner… All the regular everyday stuff. It has been really nice to just be here. And not have to think so much.

Well, my sleepy baby (who very much is acting like she isn’t, but I know she is) needs to take a nap, so I’m going to go rock her downstairs and maybe take a nap myself.

I’m uploading Lucy’s 11 Month portraits now – so hopefully I’ll post them later today!

Hope your day is fantastical.