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091515-091815: terrible blogger

A few catch up pictures. I’m not doing great at blogging this month! 

Judah enjoys swinging. But only when his dad pushes him. Wes says to make Judah enjoy it you have to push him higher than you feel comfortable pushing him in the swing.    
Lucy, rocking the homeschool scene. 

Judah has been getting super dirty  as of late. And they have been playing with chalk. And Judah always ends up with a pastel mustache.     

Wes took the kids fishing today. They were both afraid to hold the fish he caught. I don’t blame them. I don’t touch fish either. 

 And that’s about all we’ve done! 
(Besides my art class shopping! Eek!)

033015: Monday + everything



Dance class.

Grocery/camping shopping. 

I rocked my littlest Kirkley on the swing while we waited for daddy to get home and Lucy to wake up. 


 Afterward, I had a toe that was quite uncomfortable. I pressed on it and it moved quite a bit so I decided to put another hole in it and see if anything else would come out. 

Got the hole in it and man did stuff come out. 

Here’s where you stop reading if you don’t wanna know what followed. 

I squeezed on it and was actually able to get most of the blood out from under the nail. It has some air in it too, so I resoaked my foot and pressed on it more to get my concoction under the nail to flush it out. After, I pushed on it more and got the last little bit of stuff out of it. I then flushed it with peroxide, again, and then wrapped it up with antibiotic cream. When I press on it I can hear air moving around in there. It’s loose from the nail bed, just waiting to grow off some. I wish it would go ahead and come off before we vacation. I don’t want to have to deal with it while at the beach, besides just cleaning and wrapping. I don’t wanna deal with loose toenail issues and sand. But hey.. Gotta do what you gotta do. 

Hopefully it’ll do whatever it needs to do this week! I just want to enjoy my vacation.