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112416 – 112716: Thanksgiving and Black Friday

I, believe it or not, took not almost no pictures during our thanksgiving get togethers. Which, just means I wasn’t in my phone much. 

I did get this one of my beautiful girls.

And I did take this one. 

This is Wesley and Paul and their mother’s dad, their grandfather. And we threw Judah in there for an extra generation. Leon is 82. That’s Judah’s Great-grandpa. 

After the thanksgiving-ness settled and we were all sick from our food, I trodden off to Hattiesburg to try and get a new phone for me and Wes and the Apple Watch. 

And I got it! Wes “upgraded” to the smaller SE iPhone and he loves it. I for real upgraded to the 7 and I love it. And my watch is so cool. Never in my life did I think a watch could do all that this thing does. 

And the camera on my phone is so awesome. I’ve sold and worked quite a bit to earn enough money for my watch and I’m happy I did it. 

The pictures it takes are really fantastic. Here’s Judah and one of his many chickens. 

And my precious weird Lucy. 

She is true to herself that’s for sure. I had JUST pulled her out of the mud. You can barely see her pink boots. 

My cold did not get better. It got worse and I spent a couple of days in the bed. Today, my cough is less and my most isn’t quite as stopped up and I feel a lot better. Hopefully I’ll be on the mend for real now. 

Hope your Thanksgiving was awesome!

112016 – 112316: Pre-Thanksgiving

We’ve had a slow couple of days. I got slapped with a cold and I’m edging toward being better, but not completely.

The kids were wrestled with, and screamed of course. Daddy loves wrestling with them. Judah loves screaming.

This picture looks a lot calmer than it is.

Sunday was great. We had baptisms and it was awesome as always. We had a big lunch afterwards and that was great too. We love our Church family.


Tiger is still being messed with on a daily basis… poor cat. Our outside cat always tries to run in, and our inside cat always tries to run out. Hm…..

I doubt I’ll post again until after the festivities (Thanksgiving and Black Friday) so you guys have fun, eat a lot, be careful shopping, and be good!!


112315 – 112515: Louisiana Thanksgiving

We went down to visit with Wesley’s Dad and family. The kiddos love their Papa J and Nana. I had full fledged allergy attack the whole time we were down there so I wasn’t feeling great… Up until Wes called me out to their shop. 


There were two of these beauts… These were gifted to Papa J about 7 months ago- Wes got them out, and being the handyman that he is, got them running. 

After the brisk air in my hair, I was perked up.  We are and rested and had fun messing around on the sprees. 

And of course we had to race. 

And… Ahem…. You see who won. Two out of three. 

Not for lack of trying!


We had a blast on the little scooters. They max out at about 35mph. So fun. 

We had lovely weather the whole trip and we are glad we got to come visit with everyone. 

Almost forgot! The cute cousins picture:

Beau, (aaaalmost 2), Carmela 2, Judah 3, Evan 5, and Lucy 5.  
And these two boys.

They were getting into it together. Beau loves his cousins and they love him. 

We had a great time with family, and can’t wait til Christmas. 

I feel like we’ll have another matchup, Wes and I on the sprees. 

112215: Thanksgiving at Church

We had our church Thanksgiving service Sunday. 

I am ever blown away by our people. 

We had a great turn out for church and the food afterwards…. Well, let’s just say we all got more than enough. 

It was so fantastic to have everyone together for one Sunday. It was a great day. 

And because I didn’t take any pictures, here’s one from last week.  

In the rabbit pen, of course. 

Y’all have a safe and cool week! 

Fell off the planet… //16 Months // Disney on Ice

Good morning!

Been a while huh?

Yeah, I know.

No devotional, just going to give you a few pics to help you make it to January – I know you’ve missed me… HaHa!

We’ve been busy. This time of year always is. Getting with families, getting with friends. My poor kids haven’t had a regular bedtime in like a month. And we’ve noticed. Cranky kids are produced when sleep is deprived. Anyway – what have I been doing in my absence? Loads!

My house for the most part, stays a little cleaner. Not a lot. But a little. The kids are growing like weeds. Ah – I’ll hush and show you some pictures. Ok?

Lucy got her first REAL haircut. It’s SO cute.

She let me curl it. GAH!

Around Thanksgiving we went and visited Wesley’s Dad and stepmom. Me and Nana took the kids to a children’s museum. They loved it.

It was Louisiana/Bayou themed – so of course there were bead throwings at the “parade”. Judah liked this best.

Lucy shopped at the little Grocery store, “Rouses”.


We got dolled up in the Mirror.


Me and Judah fought like Pirates.

And Lucy got to sit in the cab of a cottin gin? Giant Tractor? Sugar can grabber? Zamboni? I don’t really remember what this was. I know it wasn’t a Zamboni.

We had a very happy Thanksgiving.

Judah mastered his pout.


And Judah Turned 16 Months old!
16 Months Old Judah

16 Months Old Judah

And it was quite cold this day, and started to rain the second I got outside, so I brought kiddos inside to stay warm. He only got 3 pictures.

My kids sure do love each other.
16 Months Old Judah

He would bite her, then just laugh and laugh. Little stinker.

And finally – Aunt Christy got Lucy, Mawmaw and I for Christmas, Tickets to Disney on ICE! It was SO much fun. Lucy LOVED it.

She was sorta in a trance the whole time.

Of course, until I said, lets take a picture to send daddy!

It was so much fun.

We saw almost all the princesses. She couldn’t pull her eyes away from the ice… she didn’t want to miss anything.
Disney on Ice Dec 14, 2013

Snow White and Prince Charming
Disney on Ice Dec 14, 2013

Snow white had some hops.
Disney on Ice Dec 14, 2013


Belle and the silverware 🙂
Disney on Ice Dec 14, 2013

Ariel and Eric (my fav!)

We saw Prince Philip defeat the dragon – which actually caught the ice on fire!
Disney on Ice Dec 14, 2013

He won the princess.
Disney on Ice Dec 14, 2013

And of Course Cinderella.
Disney on Ice Dec 14, 2013

Disney on Ice Dec 14, 2013

Then all the princes and princesses danced together.
Disney on Ice Dec 14, 2013

And So did Minnie and Mickey
Disney on Ice Dec 14, 2013

And if you know Disney – You know they are gonna have some fireworks!
Disney on Ice Dec 14, 2013

Lucy was scared of the fireworks. Little Girl.

And that gets you caught up! I don’t know if I’ll blog again until the new year – I’ll start the first full week of January – so January 6th we’ll be back in action. The week before I’ll be in the mountains with my family. I’ve been doing a lot of blog planning – so you’ll definitely see Marriage Mondays for a while and even some Wednesday Wisdoms – going through Proverbs. Speaking of – How are you liking Proverbs? Staying on track? Good. I know you are.


Ok Then – Have a very Merry Christmas – and an exciting and Happy New Year!