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The last month: 6.15.17-7:8.17

Man. I am super lazy. Blogging is full on back burner. I’m recording life in my journal again, and so my need for the blog is less and less. I do like having an online record, so I’m not stopping it, but it’s obviously not as much of a priority as it once was. 

So to catch you up. 

Kids went to VBS at my dad’s church. My aunt Karla and uncle Jerry were so kind to come get them and let them ride the bus to Bible school. The kids were beside themselves wth excitement. 

We went to the beach with Wes’ family. The whole lot of us went. It was quite a crowd. But we had a ton of fun. 

The weather wasn’t perfect the first half of he week- actually so much so that the lifeguards were giving tickets if you got in the water. So, in the sand we played and in the pool. Then, the last couple of days we all got sunburned. 

Ugh my hair makes me mad. 

A big step happened. This was the last picture I had with my 6 year old!

Now she’s 7. She had a sleepover and we had a party at church with a bunch of her church friends. 

We had a nice visit from Mimi and Pop and celebrated both birthdays. So glad we could see them. 

My kids went to spend the night with Mawmaw… for one night. Think they packed enough?!

We had a crazy July 4th bash… on July 3. Wes was leaving and so the family was around and we did fireworks and laughed harder than I have in a long time. 

The kids either loved it, or hated it. Mine- loved it. 

This year. 

(Also- check out Judah’s attire 🙄)

And then we saw the guys off to India. 

The best picture I’ve ever seen was the one from Johnpaul.

They made it. Man am I missing my hubs. 

I’ve been able to talk to him way more regularly though, which has been good. The kids miss him too. Quite a bit. 

And in the spirit of not missing him, Judah’s definitely kept me on my toes. 

And Lucy’s worked hard at not biting her nails, so I rewarded her with A gel manicure. She was SO excited. 

And you are caught up! 

100616 – 100816: Cruisin’ the Coast

We came to Cruisin’ the Coast last year and really enjoyed our time (even with a blowout and a breakdown or two). So we decided to try again, in a different ride. 

And it’s been fantastic. 

We left after the funeral on Wednesday and we’ve been riding and sitting ever since. 

The kids have been playing in the sand. And sand is everywhere. But they love it. 

We’ve actually been quite lazy. And it’s been really, really nice. I’m not sure a day has gone by since Johnpaul arrived back in Mid-September that we haven’t been needed by someone or something else. 

So, having some just family time has been needed. Papa J and Nana came down with us and so the kids have had fun with them too. 

And we’ve seen some really cool cars. Our kids loved this one. It had a minion in the back. 

We’ve relaxed and eaten until we were stuffed. We’ve relaxed, watched cars, and really had a good time. 

And we’ve worn out the kids a time or two. 

If they stop long enough, they go out. What sweet babies. 

Thank you to everyone who has been with us through these past few weeks. You all are great. Thank you for our pastors appreciation day- your donation was used for this trip. We have really enjoyed it all. It’s been great. 

We are headed back today and will get back to our daily grind soon. We will hopefully come back with a rested mindset. 

051515 + 051615: last of the beach days

Our week has come to a close. We are tired and worn out and sun kissed and we got sand in every cranny we can find. We are happy to have had a vacation and we’ve already started planning our next one. We had a great time as always and will definitely come back again, because we love taking our camper places. 

Saturday we met up with Mawmaw at the campground we spent our first two nights at.  We swam at the pool and had fun spending time with family. 

Judah was in his happy place. 


We enjoyed having a few moments not being crawled on. 


We went back to the nature center and Judah found some friends.  

He’s always in the middle of it. And Lucy held a bearded dragon!  


I was shocked she held it, much less touched it! 

And then we went back to our camper for the last night. My kids finally laid together nicely and watched their show. 


We had a good week, and it’s hard for Wes to come home, but not me so much. I’m ready to get back to my kitchen, and my routine and then to branch out in my new endeavor. Which, I don’t know if I’ve even blogged about it yet. I’ll check and update you if not. 

We’ve had a blast, but Mississippi here we come. No place like home. 

051015 + 051115: Mother’s Day (part 2) and Wesleys birthday

We had a really great Mother’s Day. My kids (Wes) got me a new moleskin journal, (bright red- one of my favorite colors) a big box of Whoppers and a new coffee for me to try- Starbucks Mocha. (It was delish, in case you were wondering.)

We had church which was great. After hutch we had a quick little celebration for Wes.

Cobbler with candles. Nothing wrong with that. I may say it too much, but it’s definitely not enough… We have some great folks we go to church with. Period.

After church we had a quick lunch, got our stuff and headed out. We made it to our campsite and then set everything up. Hotdogs on the grill for dinner. 

Monday we got up and made breakfast. Then we headed to the zoo. There is a little zoo by the park we are in called Alabama Gulf State Zoo, which houses lots of exotic animals that were once pets and then no longer wanted. If you pay a little extra you can do Animal Encounters- where they’ll let you go in the cage with certain animals. We did 2!

The whole family played with baby kangaroos. They were 13 months old and 11 months old. It was really neat getting to pet something that wasn’t also a farm animal. 

We saw all the other animals- and even saw two tigers fight which was LOUD and crazy cool. I got pictures on my camera of that. I’ll try and post them when I get them transferred. 

And then Lucy and I did the Lemur encounter- which was SO fun. I liked it way more than she did!

   They are very licky critters and this one kissed me all over! Very cute and really cool to get to go play with actual lemurs.

The rest of the day was spent at the beach, slathered in SPF 50.


For dinner we had seafood and then got dippin dots for dessert and then took a little bike ride around our campground. I feel like the kiddos will have no problem sleeping tonight. 

050715 + 050815: zipped by

Woah the last two days man…
They zipped right by. I saw my blog alert and I was like, how long has it been since I blogged!? Only 2 days. No biggie. We haven’t done much though. I’ve been washing clothes and casually packing. Saturday I have to actually, really, seriously pack. We’ve got everyone lined up and scheduled to watch our house, dogs, chickens, etc. so we won’t be worried about any of our stuff/critters while we are gone. 

 Judah’s been playing with his “toys”. Why do we buy him stuff?
Ok- I’m off to pack.