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Wed Wisdom: Proverbs 3:27 // Vacation Pictures

I’m almost finished going through my grandma’s letters, I wanted to detour today (mostly because I woke up late!) Once I’m finished with her letters we will be going through mostly Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.

Never walk away from someone who deserves help; your hand is God’s hand for that person. Proverbs 3:27

It’s amazing that our God is so big and so complete, that he doesn’t need us at all, but still chooses to allow us to be his hands and feet at times.

Why would we want to pass that up?

Yet we do. We don’t have time. We are too busy. They don’t ‘deserve’ it.

And yes, even this version says someone who ‘deserves’ your help.

You didn’t deserve a perfect savior to die on the cross for you – yet he did. So… everyone deserves your help. You are not anything in comparison with the Son of God. Don’t be offended by that. None of us are. We’re all sinners.

So to pass up the opportunity to help some one is simply ridiculous.

We were on vacation last week and we stopped to get gas. There was a couple of ladies blocking one of the gas pumps with their hood up and while we were waiting for the guy ahead of us to move, Wes looked under the hood. “Oh, goodness… that car will never crank like that.”

I would tell you what was wrong.. but… I don’t know. Wes knows cars. So he hops out and asks the ladies “Hey, ya’ll need some help?”

He wiggled some stuff under there, we backed out truck up to them and jumped them off. It didn’t take us 20 minutes to stop and help.

What happened in between was sort of crazy though. As Wes was looking under the hood another man came up and asked the women, (not so nicely) how much longer they were going to be blocking the pump, because he needed gas.

I mean, part of me wanted to ask him if he was driving legally, because he clearly couldn’t see the situation. It was pretty obvious that Wesley wasn’t with these women, (not going into any detail there) and was helping them figure out what was wrong. And yet, his response wasn’t how can I help too? It was when will this be over because its preventing my day from continuing.

(Lets clarify, there are 3 other pumps that would eventually come free, too.)

We got the car cranked, and moved and the guy was happy about that.

But that’s a perfect example of what Christ will do in your life. It will change you from a “move out of my way” mentality to “Let me help you get on your way” mentality.

I’m happy to be on the ‘helping’ side. And it’s all because of Christ. Nothing in us.

Choose that side today as well.

Life Blog

Vacation Pictures! That’s why my blog is late this am. I woke up at 8, and then had to blog. So, I hope it’s worth it 🙂

If you want to see them all, you can view them on my flickr. I’m just going to post the best ones here.

We set up camp 🙂

We went to the beach (this is actually the bay… the kids weren’t really a fan of the waves/wind of the beach). And the bay was less crowded.
Beach Trip Apr 2013

Beach Trip Apr 2013

I found out just how beautiful my daughter is.
Beach Trip Apr 2013

And how GROWN she looks.. Gah!
Beach Trip Apr 2013

Little man got mama’s skin. He had to be kept in the shade a little bit more than Lucy.
Beach Trip Apr 2013

What a cutie pie!

And these two cuties. They learned to enjoy each other on this trip.
Beach Trip Apr 2013

We went to the Naval Aviation Museum.
Beach Trip Apr 2013

Beach Trip Apr 2013

Beach Trip Apr 2013

Lucy learned to tickle her brother. (While we were trapped in the camper because of the rain)!
Beach Trip Apr 2013

We went and played at Perdido Kids Park, which was crazy huge!
Beach Trip Apr 2013

Lucy showed Judah the ropes.
Beach Trip Apr 2013

Beach Trip Apr 2013

We went for walks.

And we dressed up and went to eat one night and then it got windy! So we went to the lookout tower. Great view.
Beach Trip Apr 2013

And one of my faves from the trip.

A windy mamma and Lucy.

We had a blast. And were gone long enough for me to miss being at home and dealing with the every day stuff. I’m glad to be home. It’s 3 days later and I’m still doing laundry and cleaning my house to finish unpacking. I’ll be glad when my house is completely back in order.

I’m also prioritizing. If my house isn’t perfect, and my kids are better taken care of than my house, then I’m okay with that. So if you stop by unexpectedly and my house is a mess, then know that my kids won’t be such a mess when they get older. I’m trying to invest my time more wisely.

Hope your day is great!

Vacation update!

We are still on vacation! Having a blast trying to figure out little ones schedules a little better so that we can avoid grumpy times, but besides that we are having a great time. Here’s some pics to get you through the week 😉



See? Grumpy time.

And we caught a jellyfish!











That’s all for now!

We normally would be packing up and leaving tomorrow- but we still have a couple more days of this vacation.

Thanks to you who are keeping an eye out for our pets (chickens and all!)

We love y’all!

Easter and Vacation Catch Up

It has been a while, which equals a picture heavy blog. I know you’ll enjoy 🙂

First off, We had a fantastic Easter. After a week of church services every night, Sunday morning was great. Early, but great.

Lucy, Daddy and Me all dressed up. I had to get a good Easter picture!

And one of me an my Lucy love…

Then we went home and gave Lucy her Easter basket!


She didn’t know what the foil bunny was! I had to take a bite before she would.

And she LOVED her Timmy Time Timmy plush. I found him at Dirt Cheap for $5. STEAL.

Then we went to MawMaw’s for lunch and hunting eggs.


Lucy and me and her GREAT grandpa!


And after that we napped. And then later on Lucy visited with her other grandparents, and we went and ate dinner with them. Then it was packing and bedtime.

We headed out Monday morning for our VACATION! Which, I’m still trying to recoup from. Y’all know how that goes. So we made it to our campsite around 3, and got it all set up and stuff.

We did lots of fun things. We walked on the boardwalk.

Goodness.. I’m quite ROUND.


We went to the beach the first day, and Lucy kinda had a moment. She was terrified of the waves. So, we opted for the bay. No waves, still beachy. She liked it much better.


Still wasn’t a huge fan.

We felt like the only people in the world.

She played in the sand.


And learned that these weren’t just a toy.

We went exploring, and found a goose nest!



We found seashells and hermit crabs.

And left footprints in the sand.

And got crazy hair.

And played in the sand a little more.

And Lucy even tried to eat the sand.

We took walks.


And Lucy got tired. So she laid down.

And we tried the beach again.

Less scared, but still not a fan.

Mama is still very round.

I made a sea turtle. An Lucy crushed it.

And Lucy got a bunch of scrapes on her legs from some briars. She was chasing a bunny.

And we went to the Naval Aviation Museum.


And I’m pretty sure Daddy enjoyed it the most.



And we went to the light house.

And Lucy napped.

And we played dominoes while she napped.

And we went to the bay on our last day, and Lucy had lost all her fear. And she literally jumped in.

And like before, she ended up naked.Uncle Sam had to save the day with his shirt to warm her little self up.

Then we drove over to Ft. Pickens where Lucy decided to no longer be scared of the waves. And she ended up naked again. We didn’t stay long.

And then we drove home. And unpacked. And unpacking is a lot of not fun. And I’m still tired. And still not really don’t unpacking.

So I’m gonna go. And not unpack. Because I’m tired. And pregnant. And I can’t use the I’m pregnant excuse for that much longer, so I’m milkin it while I can.

I will say this – this is the first time I’ve ever gone to Florida, and come home with NO sunburn. SPF 50 and SPF 30 the whole time. I didn’t get any tan – but I’m okay with that.

I hope to be updating more often now that I’m back and we don’t really have anything going on. It’s nice to not have anything going on. Really, so very nice.

Whew.. That was quick.

Wes and I made a flash trip to Florida Friday night. Wes had to do a wedding Saturday in Gulf Shores, so instead of him driving down for the day and driving back, we went and stayed in Pensacola and then made our way over to Gulf Shores. We ended up not being able to leave until about 4 pm so we didn’t make it to Pensacola until like 8. We went straight to our (ghetto) hotel. Wes said it looked like a Meth deal was going down in the lobby. (It wasn’t THAT bad…)

Luc LOVED the king size bed.

She literally laid there and squealed.

She walked more Friday night than she ever had. I guess it was because the room was smaller, and the bed was near the couch, and the table were all there in just a few steps away, she chose to walk instead of crawl.

That has carried on. Anyway…

We got up, went and ate lunch in Gulf Shores and then made our way to the beach.

We didn’t dress her in a swim suit – because it wasn’t really hot outside, so we didn’t even put her in a swimsuit. We were just going to let her put her feet in the water.

Daddy carried her out…

Then we let her play…

And one thing led to another…

And next thing we knew…

Yep. Naked.

That was the easiest way to do it. I ended up going to the car and getting her a little swimmer.

We took pictures…

She really enjoyed herself…

She even modeled for me – HA!

And this was her about 5 minutes after getting in the car:

OUT. Like a light.

Until a little after Mobile. Then she FLIPPED. So I crawled in the back and sat with her for a little while. Yep. I got her out of her carseat for a few miles. She was going bezerk.

Once she was free, she was much happier.

Overall, our trip was a hit!

My house is clean.

So that means that I get to start on a project! I have a few in mind that I wanna get done…

Quiet book… Scrapbook.. I just ordered 112 new pictures. I have about 400+ that I need to put into a photo album already.

All I have left to do for today is put up that one load of laundry, lunch, and possibly dinner and wash and fold one more load of clothes and my house will be spick and span.

I’m LOVING this whole clean house thing. Isn’t that strange?

I love walking into a room and everything being where it is supposed to be. It’s really amazing.

I don’t mind doing my clothes as much. Especially since it’s only one load, and I can put them all up in less than 10 minutes. Which blows my mind.

We (for the past 6 years) might I add… have washed all of our clothes on one day, and then taken 3 weeks to put them up.


No more I say.

Ok.. I’m going to go work on something. Yay!

Oh yeah – also.. Forgot to say. You know how we had been wanting to take a vacation? Well.. Next week is church camp. Our church is kind of running the thing. Well… the numbers have increased to a point where our youth pastor has requested the assistance of the pastor.

Which means we as a family will either: A. Go without daddy for a whole week, or B. Go WITH daddy for a whole week.

Probably B.

Because- at camp – they have wifi. They have breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The whole week. No cooking. No cleaning. Just Me and Lucy and a lake, and wifi, and movies, and walks, and laughing at teenagers, and preaching each night, and worship and getting closer to God.

Sign me up!

Not 100% if we will go – but if I had to put a percent – I’d say like 90%.

I’d like a week off.. Especially since I took the past two weeks and have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned more.. and cleaned out. And cleaned up. And I’m tired.

It won’t be constant rest and relaxation – but it will be fun.

So – I’m looking forward to that!

and then Lucy and Mary Kathryn can play together. They are already BFFs.