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This post will be short.

Lucy’s scratches look MUCH better.

I have been on the phone probably over 3 hours in the past few days talking to people about insurance MESS.

It such a waste of time dealing with companies.

I’ve got Lucy’s invitations all written out.. next – sending them! EEK!

I really can’t believe she’ll be one.

While I was at work yesterday afternoon, Wes sent me a text that said, “SKINNY DIPPIN!” And it was true.
Look at that cute BUTT!

Wes always says that she looks like a monkey when she crawls around naked. Its true. A CUTE monkey.

Little stinker.

She’s been sleeping good about every other night. Wes thinks he’s broken the key to it. Something about a morning nap REALLY helps her.

Girl’s got no shame.

Hope your HUMP day is awesome and leads to a speedy downhill to Friday.

Oh wait – do you know what FRIDAY is?

Yep. My last day of work.

My VERY last day of work – EVER.

Can you stinkin believe it?!

I can’t.

I really don’t think I have realized it. I don’t think it’ll sink in – until like August when I don’t go back to work.

I literally cannot wait until like, November when its muggy and cold outside and I won’t have to leave my house. My brain can’t even fit that into it.

I am so blessed!! AUGH!

Oh – Also- planning mine and Wesley’s first VACAY after school. We are going to go down to Wesley’s Dad’s house and stay the week. They love for us to come visit and I added it up – either us pay $120 to stay in Florida in a hot camper, with no AC, a shared bathroom and shower, paying for all our meals, and possibly a fussy baby OR stay for free at a house with a pool, free to stay, probably some free meals in there and probably also a free babysitter for a few nights… UH.. DUH. Poolside it is. I can’t wait to get my tan on.

Again – I hope your week flys by. Wish the same for me!

Quick post

This will be super short.

We are on our way.

We have dropped off the dog, got the trunk filled with baby stuff, and got the shades on.

We are riding into the sun as I write.

I’m so excited!!

When I get back I’ll have to post a blog to catch up this past weekend. Yep: the Ugly Christmas Sweater contest. It was… ugly.

I lost.

But the guy who won totally deserved it. His bow lit up when he shook. I couldn’t compete with that.

Lucy, as tacky as her tiny Santa coat was, was still just cute.

You’ll see… Or, if you can’t wait, just click on my flickr link on the right and look at them now.

Ok… I’m out.