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011615: FitBit’s got me moving 

It’s absolutely crazy how a little device can make you see how much you are, or are not, doing. Wes bought it for me and I’ve been wearing it since then. It’s really a neat gadget. I was able to rack up almost a thousand steps just doing dance party with my kids for 30 minutes. 

I love dance party with my kids. And now I get movement credit! 

It’s also neat to see a visual of how many calories I’m actually burning in a day. Versus a standard guess of 2500. 

Since I’ve had it:

It actually motivates me to move more, which is awesome. I haven’t felt this good about doing workouts in a while (actually since I was doing workouts consistently… Like… 2 years ago…) sorta ashamed of that. I know if I don’t get back into it now, every day I take off will be one day harder to get back into a workout regime. 

Me and the kiddos went for a walk to get some steps in.  

 We saw some wild ducks. I took a picture. But you can’t see them. So here is the picture of the ducks, that you can’t see because God knows how to camouflage. 

And then Wes got a shipment in, and the kids set off fireworks with the bubble wrap.  

That was Saturday! Hope your long weekend is great! 

050515 + 050615: busy days

I feel like I use that title quite a bit. We stay busy. We played, I worked, I chased little people, we rested, we listened to our dog bark all night… The days go by. Some slower than others. Most I don’t even remember and that’s sad. 

Judah still loves his puppy so very very much. 

Lucy’s getting much better at drawings. This one here is a present for someone- she’ll get it in the mail hopefully before Sunday! 

And Eve (our ladies ministry) has started walking on Wednesday nights. Judah and his 2T/2big pants came with us.  

Lucy wasn’t seen because she and Mary were in the back holding hands. Such sweet girls. 
And that wraps up these days. I’m about to start packing and planning my trip and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get away and just be with my family. 

Short post

Catching you up…

Since our very brief vacation – Lucy has been walking consistently better each day. She now, pretty much, chooses walking over crawling. She still topples forward or backward, but she is for real walking now. At 15 months.

She’s been (sorta) behind on a lot of stuff – at least based on most baby books – but she is very smart. She copies us on a regular basis.

Yesterday she tried to say “Hey Puppy” because I was saying it. It came out kinda like, “Heh gupah” but, she was trying.

She likes cheetohs.

And we’ve found a new show that she adores.

Its a british show about… a Farmer (named Farmer) and his sheep. The main character is Shaun, who is a (teenage?) sheep. He’s smaller than the rest of the sheep – but he’s not the baby. The baby is Timmy.

Lucy relates to Timmy. They both love their pacifiers.

Anyway – Shaun the sheep and all his sheep buddies are watched over by Bitzer – the sheep dog. And they are always gettin in trouble. But none of them talk. They just baa. The Farmer only grunts. There are pigs and some chickens too, and the evil Pidsley, which is the Farmer’s cat who is always out to get the sheep.

The sheep like to break into Farmer’s house when he goes to town and either eat all his jam or throw a party (complete with party hats).

Its really a cute show. Lucy gets mesmerized by it.

And its funny enough that we don’t mind watching it with her!

Lucy is getting big, too.

And, that’s about all for today.

Tomorrow is the Race for Grace 5K (3.11 mile) run in Hattiesburg that Wesley and I will both be doing. I’m not nervous – I know I can finish, I just want to have a good time. I’d like to beat 30 minutes, but the fastest 5K I’ve run in the past 3 years is 29:38. I’d loooove to beat that, but I’m not sure I can. My fastest 5K in the past 2 months is 30:28. I’ll be happy with anything below that. Shoot.. I’ll be happy to cross the finish line, but I would love to have a good time too.

Ok, I’ll let you know how it goes!

AND! I made a craft spot for myself. And I LOVE IT!

I can leave my craft stuff out (sorta) and my house still looks clean and organized. Its not on my kitchen table anymore! Pics to come.

Hope your weekend is AWESOME. And Cool too – since we are hoping!

Da’ Big Easy

We had a lot of fun in New ‘Awlins Saturday. Yes.. I know, it’s Tuesday. I got backed up.

Here’s what we did! We got up and headed down town. We paid (WAY TOO MUCH) for parking and then headed off to find Wesley’s brother, his girlfriend, and their Mom.

First we ate some breakfast at a little corner pub. It was delish. Then we walked down to the French Market. I bought a big floppy hat, that I am excited about!


We did a little browsing, and then a little before lunch Wes and I decided to head out. We had his new truck and (my, now) Jeep and the parking was going to expire on the truck at 12, so we decided not to tempt the parking lot in NOLA so we headed on our way.

I gotta say… I absolutely LOVE terraces.


I want one to decorate. Except not really sure how a terrace would look attached to my house.. so I’ll just shoot for one when we go on vacation.

Anyway – we made it home and were VERY exhausted. Sleeping with a baby is very uncomfortable. She hogged the bed and I slept very little. Anyway, we went to bed and then Sundays aren’t really a day of rest for us, anyway, but we decided to go bike riding on the trace. Lucy came along with us in her trailer. She had fun. I guess…. She fell asleep.

Then Monday we had another super busy day. Had errands in hattiesburg to do, and ended up just going grocery shopping… That was after we had gone to the gym. I ran 3.1 miles. If you know anything about miles and kilometers – 3.1 miles = a 5k! I was very happy!

I may start doing most of my running at the gym. I can run longer, faster, and burn way more calories when I’m able to breathe. I can’t breathe when I’m outside + going up hills.

Anyway… That was my weekend! I hope your week is spectacular!

OH! and for your sheer enjoyment – Here are some cute vids of Lucy. She’s starting to really love Hunny – our dog.

And Lucy taking a couple of steps!