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112816 – 113016: School work and Devastation and a Christmas Miracle

I’ve been trying to snap pictures since my new phone has a better camera. I always have taken phone pictures, I’m just glad I’ve got one that will record all the moments well. Like this one. 

And… even this one. She got mad at me because she got so high. I caught her… no big deal. 

And this little moment as we were taking a walk on the warmest day we’ve had. 

And Lucy has been hard at work on her book diorama. We are doing Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree

She’s done almost all the work. Seriously proud of her. I’ll post her completed pics once we get it all glued up. 
And my devastation. 

I dropped my watch and it imploded. That was from one drop!! 

And my Christmas miracle:

I called Apple (weeping), and they are so graciously going to fix it for free (I did not have apple care…) I know, I know, I should have gotten it. But I didn’t and here we are. I’ve also ordered 2 cases that I’ll have in hand before my fixed watch gets back to me. So… I’m a super super grateful lady to the Apple Advisor who decided I was worth helping. Thank you sir!!

Ok- off to start today!