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042116 + 042216: A class and a Wedding

I taught at a homeschool group Thursday. We did a class on Jackson Pollock. 

The kids got into it. And I was covered in dots. 

I had Michaels class Friday, which went well. I had errands to do before class and I managed to squeeze most in. I had to get some stuff for our upcoming trip. 

I got everything we needed and a little bit. I did my nails and toes. Had 2 in my class. 

I’m partially through a cleanse I’m doing. I eat very little and drink a special mix of stuff during the day, and then I eat a regular balanced meal at night. I’m loving it so far. I’ve always had a screwed up stomach, and so far it’s helping. 

And then we got dressed up for the wedding and that was our Friday night. 

Today I’m trying to get caught up on my house from the craziness of this week…

So I slept in! (Til 7, calm down). Ok, I’m off to try and get stuff together!

050115: Emily’s Wedding

My cousin got married yesterday. It was a beautiful service. I was so glad I could be there. While we waited I got lots of pictures of my kids and family because- hey- we were all dressed up and looking nice!


My beautiful grown up niece!     

And of course- the beautiful bride being walked down.  

It was a small service, mostly family. It was so good to see everyone. 

So happy for my Emily! I love you!

030615 + 030715: #becomingburge

Our wonderful friends got married and it was such a great honor to be a part of their day. Marcus (who is a pilot) and his new bride, Courtney, sprinkled adventure and planes into their decorations. We even threw paper airplanes when they left!

Best thing today: **

Right after the wedding we followed them home to see if they wanted to go watch a movie or go bowling. Said they had plans. Rude. 😉 

just kidding! We did follow them home to let Wes sign their marriage license though!

We enjoyed the sun a little too, and we enjoyed some time just the two of us. Our kiddos stayed with Mawmaw. 

They also put a GoPro camera on Wes for the ceremony!

And a big thanks to the Jordans as well, who took care of our room Friday night. Thank you two so much!

All in all it was a great wedding weekend. 

Devotional: Ephesians 4 // Weekend of Weddings

Sorry about Friday. We left Friday morning heading to gulf shores. With packing and everything, blog got bypassed.

And be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind [having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude]. (Ephesians 4:23 AMP)

Ahh. Attitudes.

They can ruin us all, am I right?

Generally, one person with a sour attitude can pretty much ruin a whole group of people, one at a time.

I try my hardest to not let my daily attitude changes effect me overall. Even something as little and mundane as losing an hour of sleep, or getting out of bed and stepping on a you can ruin the start of my day.

My kids are my main job, and so then my bad attitude rubs off on them, and that passes back to me and ends up spiraling into a yelling match.

Even when I worked every day at a normal job, one person could spike the entire establishment, by being rude.

The same goes for positivity as well though. You come into work with a positive uplifting attitude, that rubs off as well.

And having an attitude if Christ, or a spiritual attitude works the same. It can rub off.

Be that person, not the negative doom and gloomer. Be the person who leaves a room that is happier than before.

Life Blog

Been a while, I know. Sorry.

We left for Gulf Shores Friday morning. On the way down I noticed my sister from AL had posted a picture of the beach. Turned out, they were on the beach same time as we were!

What a nice coincidence! We don’t get to see them very often, so it was a nice surprise.

Lucy played in the sand.


And the kids got to play with Mimi and Pop.


We went to a wedding, and the grandparents got to watch the kiddos. We were all pleased with that outcome haha!


We went out to eat…



The kids really enjoyed themselves during the trip.

Then we said goodbye and headed home for wedding round 2.

Wesley’s brother got married. He married my best friend, Christy. She was already my sister before they got married, just official now.

She was a beautiful bride!


Lucy was a flower girl!



The ceremony was short but sweet. Officiated by my hubs.


Overall it was a crazy good weekend. Full of family and friends and lots of love.

So glad I was a part of these weddings. So special. Congrats to the newlywed couples!

Hope you don’t have a case of the Mondays!

Race for Grace and Wedding Weekend Recap

So, we did the 5k. No one died. Which was awesome. And, I went online and looked up my old time (from May 2009) and it was 27:55, not 29. My goal was to finish under 30 minutes, and guess what!

I did! 27:34 to be exact!

I was the 13th person to cross the finish line, I was the 3rd woman to finish, and I got first place in my division!

This was right before the race: Me, my sister-in-law Amber, and my friend Christy.

And here’s me, coming to the end of the line.
At this point, I was… TIRED.

The girl who passed me and got 2nd of the women waved me on, she was running ahead of me and kept moving her arm for me to come on. It was actually really encouraging and so I kept running. I wouldn’t have beat my time from 2 years ago had she not pushed me. Running is MENTAL.

And my hubs didn’t do so shabby either! He placed 2nd in his division, with a time of 33:04! Here is John, Wesley, and Sam, in 3rd, 2nd and 1st place!

And Christy placed too! She got first in her division with a time of 28:25.

What a fun day!

Me and Hubs

We followed our 3.11 mile run with some tasty burgers at Baker’s Burger Co.

So delish.

Then later that night Wesley had to marry some folks so I tagged along too. Lucy and I dressed up for the event.

Like my hair? It was so super easy. I just tucked the back of it in the headband. Yeah, that simple.

Lucy played with daddy in the pretty grass.

I forced Wes to take another picture.

And then we found out that Lucy is teething again. She started screaming about 20 minutes into the meal, so we came back home.

She wasn’t a happy camper the whole service.

But we dressed alike, so that was fun! Purple is pretty.

And finally – a before and after picture of me. The one on the right is from me on Lucy’s birthday – June 28, and the one on the left is from yesterday. This is an 8 pound difference. I’m hoping to lose a few more. Running 60 miles over 2 months will help get rid of 8 pounds – in case you were wondering!

Sorry about the quality.

It really helps seeing the change.

I’m going to be busy this week – Subbing Tuesday and possibly Thursday, my dad has surgery on Wednesday (knee – it’s outpatient) and I also have to keep my house sane. AND – my hanging hand towels? Selling. on Etsy. I’ve sold 6 already. To people I don’t know. That is EXCITING. I love selling stuff to people who want to buy it – not just because they know me and wanna help out!

If you live around here and wanna buy some – let me know, or stop by Collins Produce and More in Collins – I’ll have some for sale up there some point this week.

Have a GREAT Monday!