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051816 – 052016: Busy-bodies

We’ve been doing no school and it’s been weird. Kids have been playing and getting into stuff, just like they should. 

Wes and I got started on the outside of our house finally, now that school is out. 

My kids have been finding unique ways to entertain themselves. 

I do not know what they were trying here. I’m assuming she was going to leave him in an ice bath and have sold his kidney on the black market. Not 100% sure though. 

My mothers heart stopped… And daddy’s face. 

Yesterday we were all in the yard and we spotted something on the ground. 

A baby blue jay. 

I grabbed him because he couldn’t fly and was just hopping around the yard. He could fly well enough to scale me, though!

We stuck him in a tree and he made it back home. 

And today I get to go to Hattiesburg to get a teensy clip to fix our dryer… AGAIN.

I have dirty clothes out the wazoo in my house so I’ll be glad to get it running!

Have a good weekend!