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052116 – 052516: Geez Loueez, time flies

I look up and it’s been days since I blogged! We’ve had a busy week so far- with summer being here. We cleaned our yard, and bush-hogged, and snake killed, and scrap metaled, and moved around. 

Since summer is here, we decided to give the kids their combined birthday gift a little early so they could be enjoying it. 

And boy have they been enjoying it. We cut them a trail through the field we just bushhogged and that’s their race track. We hear this thing going everywhere until we don’t, and then we hear “Dad! It stopped!” The battery runs down about 3 times a day. 

We did some furniture swapping with family,  for the back deck. Our kids can actually sit here and eat without the risk of falling now. 

I made a little brick pad for our school room door, which we will be adding too now that we got our brick laid on our house and we have tons extra!

We’ve been making the most of our hammocks. 

And I got my hair did! This is before. It was starting to get… Too crunchy. Wes hates that word when in reference to my hair, but you ladies know what I’m talking about. 
I had my hair stylist, the lovely Mooney, do some fancy stuff for me and now I get to play with color in my hair. First up? 


I have a sneaking suspicion it’ll get wilder as I feel different. Haha! I truly love it. And I love that I get to play in it myself again! 

We were also blessed by Wesleys aunt and uncle with a new weed eater! So helpful and we are so grateful for fantastic families. We are so blessed. 

Well we are off to make a brick pad and weed eat the yard! Yay summer! (Wow, I sound a lot like Olaf!)

012916: Compassion Project and Trouble Bubble

Friday Lucy and I went to Compassion Internationals traveling Compassion Project. They set up a story so that you can walk through and see another persons life. You see their home, where they work, their school, and what it looks like I’m the place they live (Uganda, Guatamala are the ones they have in Hattiesburg). 

It was very eye opening and an experience good for kids. They give you headphones to listen to the child tell you their story. They aren’t real pushy about adopting one of their sponsored children, either. You do learn what all Compassion does for the children they sponsor and I do support what they do. 

I loved to be able to take Lucy to a “classroom” in Guatamala. She didn’t understand everything that they said in the story, because she’s young and they had thick accents. But I explained what went on with both stories and afterwards Lucy said, “is that real? Those are real stories?” And when I told her yes, she responded, “that’s really sad.”

She did understand that her life was different than others and that was what my goal was. 

If you want to go, it’s at Main Street United Methodist Church in downtown Hattiesburg. It’s free to walk through. Takes about an hour to do both stories, because they release you in very small groups. Lucy and I did the first round just the two of us. I’d encourage all parents with children to go. 

We got home and got started on our bathroom again.

The picture progress looks about the same. But a lot was done. We sealed our marble, and got our shower floor cut and ready to put together which took up most of our day. 

Side note: the darker and lighter tiles is only really visible in my pictures! It doesn’t look so drastic in real life. Photos are strange. 

Brothers drilling our soon to be cypress floor. 

We ran out of the tools we needed to continue, so we then put my bike back together, with all the new parts!

I love it so much!!

And Lucy came to me later that day, with tears and snot running down her face. I thought she had fallen. 

She was holding a frog. She was crying because she knew at the end of the day, she’d have to let it go and she didn’t want too. 

Lord have mercy this kid and animals. 

We made her a frog bucket to keep it for a while, then uncle Paul took her to his pond to release the frog into the pond where the chickens wouldn’t get him. (Yes, our chickens eat frogs every chance they get).

She got over it once she realized the frog would be happy in his new home. 

My child. And Judah? He played hard. So hard I never even got a picture of him! 

091915: Saturday

I had to finally get one day in. I helped Wes in his shop for…. Most of the day. And so did the kiddos.  

Lucy likes being outside more than Judah, and she “helps” daddy by bringing random tools to him, “in case you need them,” she says. 

But there are occasions where my little man does get in there and get covered in dirt too. 

After she “fixed” her scooter we came in and made a pot pie. I told Lucy we could write dad a message on it with the leftover crescent rolls. She chose this. 

And actually, she chose, “I love you, and I love daddy so much an-”  I had to stop her. I didn’t have that much leftover 

And Lucy drew me a picture of a Monster Surpise party. So ridiculous. And I love it. She can’t wait for my art classes to start. She’s giddy like me about painting and drawing! 

Have a good Sunday!

090915 + 091015: September days

I’ve been helping Wes some on his car, trying to get it ready for cruisin the coast. And my house is still, pretty much clean. So I’m very excited about that. 

I had a picture of the kids on the deck I was going to show you, but they are both naked sitting by our fire pit. I had washed them in the kiddie pool outside, because they were way too dirty to even let in my house. Then they were cold, so we built a fire. 

Do you see Sunday’s forecast?

Sunny and delightful with a high of 80! 

Get out the sweaters y’all!

Ps. I covered their parts with emojis so you could see the kids.  I know you don’t read my blog for pictures of the wether forecast. 


022715 + 022815: Kitty’s house part 47? I’ve lost count…

Friday was… not exciting. No potty training, so it was a regular day. Kids were fine. Wes had a bachelor party at night so me and the kids watched Bambi and ate popcorn. No biggie.

Saturday we worked on Kitty’s house. (Seems as though I’ve said that before…) We got a lot done. Got it cleaned up good. He’s just about completely moved in. It was a bit of a mess just from moving stuff in and the fact that all of his stuff is covered in soot. We got clothes washed, stove put in, fridge brought over… He’s just about there.

And if you don’t believe us when we say the man can paint. I mean…. He’s super talented.



    After all of that was done, I came home, went shopping with my mother in law to make her a wreath and then said goodbye to my hubs again for the second night in a row. He had to preach at righteous oaks and so I got to catch up on my girl shows for 2 nights in a row. That’s the only positive to having my husband being gone. I don’t hear the chuckles and see the eye rolls during my shows.

    And that about catches you up!