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Devotional: Romans 12 // Zoo and 1 Month Old!

Don’t let evil get the best of you; get the best of evil by doing good. Romans 12:21

I believe that every time we flat out choose God over Satan, that Satan just dies a little on the inside. Not that Satan is going to (or ever will) give up, but he does have to tuck his tail and leave when we tell him too.

Not much to add to this – just choose good. Choose God over Satan.

If an opportunity to sin arises, just don’t do it. Like my pastor said Sunday: we have to have a plan. Satan plans against us – so we need to plan to do good.

Make some plans. Do some good.

Life Blog

Judah slept for 6 hours straight. Happy Mamma.  We had a good day yesterday, ate some food, didn’t do a lot.  It was a nice day. Hot. But that’s nothing new.

The past week and a half Judah has been doing this weird thing where he fusses a lot late in the evenings. I’ve talked to lots of people and most people think it could be reflux. I’ve called the doctor and I’m gonna see if I need to bring him in or not.

And I promised you all I would show you that really cute picture of Lucy and Judah that I took once I got it uploaded? Well, here it is!

They were in their pj’s, and you can see that Lucy feels awful, but they still turned out pretty cute.


Saturday I took Lucy to the zoo. We had fun. We rode the train:



And apparently I like stripes?

And we RAN! And every bird was a duck, and she saw the ‘Zeebahs’ (zebras) and the ‘laligater’ (alligater) and she called a monkey that was sitting in the grass a bear and she called an emu a duck. Close enough. She’s only two…


Can you see the Leopard?

We had fun. It was nice to take her and tell her yes all day. When you have a toddler, you spend most of your day saying no or stop. I wanted to have a chance to just tell her yes. It was a nice little girls time.

And I took Judah’s 1 Month portraits! I’m doing his just like Lucy’s.
Judah - 1 month

Little handsome fella!
Judah - 1 month

And this one.. my dang camera didn’t focus right!! Ugh.. Still a cute picture.
Judah - 1 month

And this morning, after my good sleep, Mr. Judah gave me a little smile. He was awake and all, so it was real! Made my day.

Thats about it! Hope your week flies by!

Nights 31 and 32: The Zoo Trip!

Friday night was grand. Of course. I didn’t have to wake up at 6:15am so she slept real good. Ha – always happens.

We got up at about 7 and got ready for the zoo. We ended up pulling out of the church at a little before 9am. We got to the zoo a little after 11am. We went ahead and ate lunch and all before we went in. Here was one thing that was different than the first time we went to the zoo: the crowds.
There was a Latino Cultural Festival going on. There were SO many people. It was close to miserable. It was still super fun.

I didn’t take many pictures at the zoo. Lucy pretty much stayed in her stroller and there were so many people it was hard to just stop and take pictures everywhere we wanted.

We finished up at the zoo at about 2:30 and we headed to the Aquarium. Here we used the fake baby Bjorne. She loves her baby Bjorne. She really enjoyed the aquarium. It was all water and it just overwhelmed her little senses. She looked at the rays and the sharks and the big fish. She watched them and the penguins. The penguins were very cute:

She was amazed at the fishes.
Aquarium Lucy
Look at her big blue eyes. So sweet.
She liked the big turtle too:
Sea turtle!
Its hard to tell here, but this turtle’s head was bigger than Lucy’s.
Just lookin
She liked the big tanks.
But, the day had been long and hot and she had seen alligators, lions, tigers, and bears (Oh my!), otters, monkeys, bobcats and foxes, birds and bugs, snakes and spiders, lizards, rays, sharks, penguins, BIG otters, jellyfish, seahorses, frogs and even more critters and it wore her little self out.
The day is over
Who am I kidding. I look pooped too!

We made it home without any major problems. Lucy had a slight crying spell about 18 miles outside of Hattiesburg. She’s done it before. Nothing satisfies her. It doesn’t last long, about 5 minutes and she just cries. Then she falls asleep. She finally fell asleep – but what ended up happening was this: She slept so good in the car ride home, she failed to sleep good that night.

Literally, every hour and a half she was waking up. Then she had two serious poop diapers at like midnight, which are NO fun. When you are half asleep, you don’t wanna be changing that kind of diaper. It… gets… on stuff. That’s where I’ll leave that. Anyway, my longest sleep stretch was about 2 hours. Seriously. Then we had our busy Sunday’s like usual.

I’m really hoping that tonight will be better. I have work in the morning. Its not 9 weeks test week or crazy only-have-students-two-days week, which means I’ll be teaching. Teaching is tough. I’ll probably hoarse. THEN, tomorrow evening I have to make a dash to Hattiesburg to buy flowers for Eve Ministries meeting on Tuesday night. Wednesday night we are leading youth worship. So, basically I won’t have much free time at all until Thursday night. Yay for a busy life.

I’d complain if I was bored.

Nights 29 and 30

Woah. I mean, woah.

Yesterday just zipped by without giving me a chance to blog. I’m usually good about taking just a few seconds to blog, but my few seconds were not there.

I got home from work and we had some errands to run. So, we ran errands, then we got home and I fed Lucy, fed Wesley and myself, then we went to his mom’s house to let Wes do some paint touch ups, then we came home, got Lucy ready for and in bed, I placed my Avon order, got myself ready for bed and that was that. I was POOPED.

Night 29 wasn’t grand. Lucy woke up at like 4 to eat. Well, then I was in the dilemma of, do I try and go back to sleep and get just an hour and a half, or do I just stay up. Well, I opted for sleep. Everyone says sleep when you can.

Well… Everyone… You are wrong. When I get less than 2 hours, its worse than if I didn’t get any. So then, my alarm goes off at like 6:15, and I hit snooze til 10 minutes til 7, which of course makes me late for work because I have to leave the house by 7:20. Oh my… I shall not do that again.

On night 30, Lucy did better. She was in bed by like 8:30, and I didn’t wake her up to ‘top her off’ but I probably should have. She woke up at 2, which put me getting about 3 hours of sleep. Thats not awful, but its not great either. Then she woke up at like 10 til 6. This was perfect. Then I just stayed awake. That was easy for me to get up this morning. It helped too because it was FREEZING in my house. Anyway, I made it work on time today.

I have to admit, there is something plaguing me. Its eating at me and I can’t stand it.


We go tomorrow. And I’m BEYOND excited. We are also going to the Aquarium. And I’m pumped about both in a huge kind of way. I love the zoo and I know Lucy will too. Maybe not so much this first time, but she will like it when she’s older.

I think she’ll like the aquarium now. She can see things and its going to be so big she’ll see the fishes. (Yes, fishes is correct. It’s used when you are talking about multiple species of fishes. You use fish when you are talking about one species. Sorry, thats the biology teacher coming out of me). Anyway – Fish or Fishes, we’re gonna see them. And I’m happy about it.

I haven’t had a lot of time to do much of anything lately. I’m slacking on taking my baby’s picture, but here are some sweet old ones and you can guarantee that I’ll have some to post Saturday night from our super fun ZOO TRIP!
StrollGangsta babyUp close

Night 13- trying again

Monday was busy. I had a zillion errands. I only have 1 billion today. Today’s post will be brief.

I messed up what I was trying to do with her schedule… I fed her at 7:30. I should have put her down then, but I didn’t do the routine, and we ended up putting her down at like 9:45. Which means she slept til 2, then she woke up several times between 2 and 6. I’ll admit, I was so tired I don’t even think I hear her. Wes put her paci in for her. Crazy right?

It wasn’t the kind of night I hoped for. By any means. It also wasn’t the worst we’ve ever had.

We went for a walk earlier yesterday. Then we met up with Daddy on the porch and Lucy was glad to see him.

Then, later, Lucy got to see her first REAL bonfire. She was amazed.

It was big. Hard to miss.

So, adorable.

I’m planning to go with our church’s children to the zoo and aquarium in New Orleans. Problem is, I’ll have to breast feed all day, in public. (Awkward…) And, I’m not sure how she’ll do being away from home, ALL day long. She requires some levels of normalcy each day. What are your ideas.. comments… suggestions? Should I not go? Should I just see what happens? (I guess I need to add.. I’m not really going because she’ll have so much fun.. I know she won’t get it now.. but I sure love zoos… and aquariums.. I’m so excited about it…)